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Harley Davidson Rentals, Waikiki Honolulu Hawaii - Chase Hawaii Rentals
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Because of Covid-19, we are starting to sell extreme discounted "ALOHA LATER" advance tickets at 30% OFF! $70 purchase equals a $100 value in "ALOHA LATER" advance ticket purchase. Get this opportunity and use it after the end of the covid-19 shut down!

Rules of the "ALOHA LATER" advance tickets:

1. These "ALOHA LATER" advance tickets are available for sale till 09/30/2020.
2. "ALOHA LATER" advance tickets have a 3 years expiration, so you have plenty of time to prepare for your trip to Hawaii. These tickets are invalid after the expiration date of 7/31/2023.
3. Available for car and motorcycle rentals.
4. Each "ALOHA LATER" advance ticket purchase is $70 that has a value of $100 for all motorcycle and car rentals.
5. If your rental is less than the value of your "ALOHA LATER" advance tickets value, there is no change given back at that time of your rental. You can use cash or credit card if your balance due is more than your $100 "ALOHA LATER" advance ticket.
6. No refunds on "ALOHA LATER" advance tickets.
7. You can not combine these "ALOHA LATER" advance tickets with any other offer.
8. These "ALOHA LATER" advance tickets can not be sold to others. When multiple "ALOHA LATER" advance tickets are purchased, you can use them for company trips and group rides as long as purchaser is present at the time of rental.

How to get and use your "ALOHA LATER" advance ticket:

1. Complete "ALOHA LATER" advance ticket form.
2. We will process your request. Please make sure all information is correct on the form. Allow approximately 48 hours for us to complete your "ALOHA LATER" advance ticket purchases.
3. If you already have a plan to come to Hawaii, we recommend to make a reservation over the Web and we will contact you.
4. Please print out your confirmation number.
When making a reservation, let us know your confirmation number and the amount you received. On arrival to pick up your reservation, please bring your "ALOHA LATER" advance ticket reservation paper.

On all "ALOHA LATER" advance ticket purchases, you will receive a phone call from us when your ticket is finished.

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